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Fitting of Precast Concrete Slabs using Truck Mounted Cranes

Monday, June 6, 2011 @ 09:06 AM
Author: Spanwright Flooring

Fitting of Precast slabs has traditionally formed a sizeable portion of the cost of precast packages. The extent to which this affects prices is exacerbated in situations where fitting involves small quantities or difficult fitting of units.

In the interest of facilitating these type of installations and controlling costs, Spanwright has often found that custom built truck mounted cranes have been the most suitable option.

Installing concrete slabs using truck mounted cranesinstalling concrete slabsSpanwright now have a fleet of these custom built vehicles with large lifting capacities available for precast installations. Vehicles are available in a variety of configurations and are normally also used to transport part of the order to site. Please contact us to speak about how we can facilitate your requirements.

Spanwright is a leading supplier of precast concrete flooring and concrete stairs throughout the UK.

Spanwright is a leading supplier of precast concrete flooring and concrete stairs throughout the UK.

Products manufactured include:

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