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DAK Properties – Pre Cast Concrete Stairs, Devon

Friday, February 19, 2016 @ 03:02 PM
Author: Spanwright Flooring


2 Precast Concrete Stair Cores, incorporating 3 flights with a separate landing and 6 flights with 4 attached quarter landings. All flights between first and second floors.


This purpose built accommodation block stair order was requested on a four week turnaround, supply only. SpanWright UK delivered stairs, as requested by client, following Christmas Holiday on a 45’ articulated euro liner trailer.  Screw-in -lifters were incorporated on manufacture to accommodate more efficient offloading on site with client craneage.   Also RSA Brackets for fitting/support were included.   Design and supply of additional bespoke off square precast concrete landings was sanctioned following order confirmation to suit finished floor levels.   Fitting programme was not compromised.

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Precast Concrete Steps in Accommodation Block

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